Imagine how powerful your website would be if it could take bookings and synchronise in real time, with the booking system in reception

By integrating your website with various desktop applications you can seamlessly automate many day to day business tasks. By leveraging this technology you can give yourself a distinct competitive advantage. Scion Internet can implement and integrate with pretty much anything, from booking systems, accounting, quotations, reporting and CRM systems to name a few.

At Scion Internet, no matter how complex your requirements, the chances are that we can build a solution that is right for you and your business.

Live Chat

Many millennials see live chat as the preferred method to contact businesses. If live chat is properly integrated it can increase customer service productivity, customer experience, and improve the overall conversion rate on your website which will inevitably affect your bottom line. Talk to us today to help you fully integrate live chat on your website.

Accounting Systems

Probably the most common integration we find ourselves doing, accounting systems such as sage are commonplace today.  By integrating your accounting system with your website you can really get the most out of it. Gaining a higher level of automated services such as developing quotes, managing client accounts, and sending invoices online.

Booking Systems

From letting agents and equipment hire right the way through to hotels, we’ve built and integrated a range of booking and reservations systems. Integrating them seamlessly with your website, giving your customers an intuitive user experience.

EPOS systems

Take full control of your product, sales and inventory data by integrating them with your website for real-time synchronisation. A properly implemented EPOS integration will give you the ability to access web orders direct from the point of sale, being able to offer refunds, voids and returns easily and efficiently both in store and online.

CRM + ERP integration

Both ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems are commonly used in business today, allowing users to make sure business processes run efficiently. Examples of which are SAP, Oracle, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics to accommodate business of all sizes. By expertly integrating these systems with your website we can ensure all your information is synchronised in real time to maximise your business efficiency.


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