Posted in our Blog: 30/08/2018

Branding has been around for a while now, and as the economy continues to grow, having a logo for your company has become easier to acquire. There are three ways to design logos, you can either contact web agency, enter a logo competition site or design it yourself with an online logo maker.

Designing a logo with a web agency is a good alternative, but you will have to wait before receiving your logo. A logo brief is required. Once you get your first drafts, there will be a lot of going back and forth in order to get revisions done. The process is long and quite expensive.

Entering a logo competition is an interesting approach. You get a whole community of graphics designers to create different logo version for you. You obtain a logo version from each designer and pick the designer that you want to work with based on the version you like the most. Again, this is a long process and it all comes at a price.

The online logo design method, however, is a little different. With this design method, you design the logo yourself with intuitive online logo design tools. You choose a logo template, and you customize it yourself by changing colors, shapes, texts and much more.This do-it-yourself logo design method is becoming more and more popular with young entrepreneurs. It is very fast and cost-efficient. You don’t have to wait while a designer finishes or makes modifications on your logo. You simply design it yourself with the graphic elements available on the site and you download the graphic files immediately after completion. It is the easy and risk free alternative that many companies are turning to today.